“A good presentation should be like a miniskirt...

As short as possible to catch everyone’s attention and just long enough to cover what you need to cover”

The most common stereotype that follows a presentation is, it to be filled with text and images, full enough to choke the audience off their interest and enthusiasm. Been in a situation like that? Yes?
Well, we’ve been there too. So, cheers!

We’ve all experienced stories, be it a small one or one that lasted long enough to put you to sleep in the due process. And of all the stories that you’ve heard, the ones we actually remember are only a handful unless of course you have a brilliant memory in which case, congratulations! But otherwise, the selected ones are really special and will be shared many a times in our life.

Alright, now remember one of those stories that caught your attention in the gut? What was it about? Remember how it made you feel? Who told you the story?

Odds are you remember the person who told the story than the story itself. It was always about the way he/she told that made you inquisitive.

The best storytellers aren’t remembered by their stories, but by their storytelling and how they made you feel.

A good presentation is always backed by a good story structure!

The difference between a good presentation and a bad one can also mean the difference between success and failure. It could either lead you to close a deal or lose it.

We at SlydS certainly did not invent presentations, but resolved to reform it since it occurred to us that presentations actually matter.

At SlydS, we are great story tellers, writers, designers and creative thinkers, giving a whole new dimension to corporate and casual PowerPoint presentations. SlydS is an amazing and unique platform that creates powerful presentations helping thought leaders across the world, communicate their thoughts and passion in an effective manner.

Bespoke for every client, we weave their story in a way that is special to their organisation, their ethos and their initiatives. For us every presentation is a milestone and hence we take every slide of your presentation seriously and aim to create an impact with each one of them. We delve deep into the ocean of your work and bring out the best in it.

At SlydS, we make presentations that speak for itself, that will leave the audience different than they were before. We strive to alter the audience’s outlook to create a sense of urgency in them that will stick with them long after the presentation.

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The brains behind SLYDS

Teamwork is characterized by having a sense of purpose to achieve a clear, specific goal that all members believe is important to attain, and that is exactly what the brains behind SlydS do. Pankaj and Deepak had this passion towards presentations, to bring ideas into life, to give them a soul and purpose which lead to the dawn of a passion- driven company called SlydS.

Pankaj Singh is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Bengaluru. He is an expert in creating effective presentations, is an excellent communicator and a great networker having connections with business leaders from varied backgrounds, education and experience.

Deepak Kumar believes in capturing attention through words and engages the audience with his powerful stories. Closely following the start-up community in India, Deepak has an advanced knowledge of how the industry works.